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Compositional Diversity (CD) Workstream

November 12, 2020

Our work to date has been directed at data collection, and its synthesis, related to the compositional diversity of key constituencies at Tufts – faculty, students, staff, and senior administration.  To do this work, the CD workstream met weekly, alternating between a meeting of the entire workstream membership and meetings of four subgroups focused on these constituencies.  The subgroups included members of the CD workstream and others recruited broadly from Tufts faculty, students, an staff.  Data on the compositional diversity of faculty and students has primarily been obtained through the Office of Institutional Research.  Additional data on Tufts staff was collected through various datasets available through Human Resources.  Data on senior administration, including hiring processes, were developed from scant resources found from a variety of sources including data held centrally by the institution as well as through discussions individuals who have participated in senior administration searches.  More efforts on data collection, collating, and correlating with other possible sources is still needed.


Key Points from the Subgroups

Three key points noted by each subgroup are briefly summarized below.


From the Faculty Subgroup…

  • Create uniform process across the university with respect to search procedures and record-keeping
  • Create incentives for new faculty hires, such as housing benefits, and efforts that support hires of a diverse faculty, such as ‘windows of opportunity’ funding
  • Change the culture of schools and units to create avenues of inclusive excellence in hiring practices and retention efforts


From the Staff Subgroup…

  • Create more consistent process for data collection from recruitment through retirement
  • Create a more robust exit interview process
  • Create a culture that values a more thorough and thoughtful hiring process that does not allow for a rapid hire to replace/fill open positions


From the Student Subgroup…

  • Recognize and design systems to support the complete diversity of our attending students
  • Enhance the presence and support of black students in the undergraduate population
  • Create a synergy between schools where successful ideas are shared and promoted


From the Senior Administration Subgroup…

  • Provide more transparency in search processes that allow input/comment from those to be impacted by the hire
  • Explore obtaining a more diverse set of search firms that can be hired to support search processes
  • Create programs and avenues that focus on moving existing faculty and staff ‘up the ladder’ to more senior positions