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In order to gain a broader perspective on a range of issues affecting Tufts University and higher education in general, Tufts President Anthony P. Monaco founded the President’s Council in 2016.  With affiliations across all schools at the university, the President’s Council includes alumni, parents and friends of diverse backgrounds and a range of regions in the U.S. and abroad.  Members of this volunteer leadership group meet twice a year to learn about activities and initiatives at Tufts and provide feedback to the president and his senior team on topics of current importance and interest.


James R. T. Bartlett, A89, AG89, A21P, A22P
Sonja Weinkopf Bartlett, J90, A21P, A22P

Elizabeth Amador Salem, J91, A22P
Martha Griffith Ambros, J81, A17P
Rick Ambros, A81, A17P
Kofi Asante, A17
Mo Assomull, A95
Andre Baynes, A91
Dr. Sterling Beasley, D77
Brad Bernstein, A89, A23P
Tamara Bernstein, A23P
Bill Bradley, A86
Nils Brous, A86, A22P
Samantha Greene Brous, J90, A22P
Josh Cammaker, A91
Benjamin Carson, II, A08
Ken Chow, A91
Christopher Chung, A95, A25P
Deanna Chung, J95, A25P
Craig Denekas
Dr. Stephen DeVincent, V95, F96
David Faber, A85, A24P
Dr. Henry Feldman
Dr. Lori Feldman, J91, V95
Audrey Fitzgerald, EG93, A15P, A17P, F21P
Bill Fitzgerald, A15P, A17P, F21P
Lisa Gorman, J81
Tom Gorman, A82, F18
Virginia Grande, E22P
Jenny Harris, A24P
Louis Jaffe, A26P
Emily Kapelman
Josh Kapelman, A12
Alan Kava, A24P
Lisa Kava, J89, A24P
Holly Kelly, J88
Christopher Kim, A88, A23P, A26P
Katherine Kim, A23P, A26P
Kaye Popofsky Kramer, J92





Leonard Loventhal, A81, A24P
Kevin Magid, A85
Brendan McCarthy, A85, A19P, A22P
Dr. Elise McCarthy, A19P, A22P
Janet Meyers, A16P, A19P
Kasia Janczura Mohammed
Riyadh Mohammed, A06
Dr. Benjamin Monderer, A21P, A25P, D25P
Carol Monderer, A21P, A25P, D25P
Robert Nagle
Indira Nallakrishnan, A25P
Murali Nallakrishnan, A25P
Kenny Nova, A86, A23P
Lara Oboler, J91, A26P
Henrik Patel, A98
Raquel Perez, A17
Mark Pollak, A75, A16P, A19P
Sandeep Qusba, A91
Christine Randolph, J81
Greg Randolph, A81
Dr. Jim Reed, M84
Nadia Rodriguez, A22P
Dr. Roberto Rodriguez, M99, A22P
Jean Gordon Ryon, J74, AG76
Priti Shroff, A21P, A23P
Raj Shroff, A21P, A23P
Andrew Smith, E22P, E26P
Missy Smith, E22P, E26P
Michael Tapscott, A80
Corlisse Thomas-DeBerry, Ed.D., J85, A25P
Craig Waldman, A01
Beatrice Weber, A24P
Ken Weiller, AG80, A10P
Susan Weiller, J80, A10P
Daniel Zilberman, A96

Updated March 2023