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In order to gain a broader perspective on a range of issues affecting Tufts University and higher education in general, Tufts President Anthony P. Monaco founded the President’s Council in 2016.  With affiliations across all schools at the university, the President’s Council includes alumni, parents and friends of diverse backgrounds and a range of regions in the U.S. and abroad.  Members of this volunteer leadership group meet twice a year to learn about activities and initiatives at Tufts and provide feedback to the president and his senior team on topics of current importance and interest.


Lori Samuels, J81, A22P
Ted Samuels, A22P

James Neary, A87, A22P
Rebecca Neary, J87, A22P

James R. T. Bartlett, A89, AG89, A21P, A22P
Sonja Weinkopf Bartlett, J90, A21P, A22P
Dr. Saida Baxt, J94P
Dr. Sherwood Baxt, A62, J94P
Dr. Sterling Beasley, D77
John Bello, A68, A13P
Nancy Bello, J69, A13P
Bruce Bligh, A92
Kelly Bligh
Bruce Cohen, A83, E18P
Lisa Cohen, J86, E18P
Melissa Der, J80, A16P
D. Noah Eckhouse, E88
Itzhak Fisher, A04P, A08P
Ruth Fisher, A04P, A08P
Dr. Eric Gheewalla, A87, D91, DG93, A21P
Kathleen Gheewalla, A21P
Nathalie Giauque, J92
Nicolas Giauque
Lisa Gorman, J81
Tom Gorman, A82
Rex Green, A16P
Alan Henricks
Dr. Joan Henricks, J69

Lisa Hernand, J89
Sharon Joseph, J92
Debra Knez, J82, A09P
Kaye Popofsky Kramer, J92
Leonard Loventhal, A81
Brendan McCarthy, A85, A19P, A22P
Dr. Elise McCarthy, A19P, A22P
Gail Nackel, A03P
Dr. John Nackel, A73, A03P
Ashleigh Nelson, J97
Justin Nelson, A98
Dr. Ashvin Patel, A84, M88
Vidisha Dehejia Patel, Ed.D.
Jared Pollard, A05
Catherine Popper, J87
Douglas Rachlin, A85, A20P
Harriet Rachlin, A20P
Celia Rumsey, AG90, A19P
Katherine Shah
Vivek Shah, A94
Priti Shroff, A21P
Raj Shroff, A21P
Barry Sloane
Dr. Candace Lapidus Sloane, J80, M84
Amy Lederman Verschleiser, J92
Dr. Harlan Waksal, M79, M17P
Daniel Zilberman, A96
Barbara Zissi, A02P
Dr. Vangel Zissi, D62, DG67, A02P
David Zussman, A53, J80P
Randi Zussman, J80P

Updated August 2019