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The purpose of the Mental Health Task Force is to conduct a university-wide review and assessment of student mental health, wellness and holistic engagement, including the current student experience, the services offered, available resources and potential areas for additional collaboration and enhancement. The overall goal of the Mental Health Task Force is to ensure that Tufts University is meeting the needs of our student populations, fostering resilience, and providing a healthy and supportive community in which all students can reach their potential. The Mental Health Task Force will review expert opinion in the context of national and Tufts specific trends in student mental health and its promotion and care, analyze quantitative and qualitative data with respect to our students’ experience, and engage members of the Tufts community and appropriate outside experts to fulfill its charge. The Task Force will include issues related to substance abuse in its assessment and recommendations as appropriate.

The charge of the task force is to:

  • Examine the state of student mental health university-wide with attention to the needs and experiences of undergraduate, graduate and professional students in all of Tufts’ Schools.
    This should include (1) careful attention to the normative personal development of students, and discussion of the faculty and university’s role in supporting it, (2) comparisons to national trends and data, and (3) the intersection between academic and curricular policies and practices with student mental health.
  • Assess mental health services and related resources available to help our student populations to address mental health needs, paying careful attention to the particular experiences and needs of diverse groups within the student population and comparison with best practices in evidence-based treatment.
  • Review university policies and practices to identify(1) possible barriers to access and utilization of services for students in need, (2) opportunities to strengthen support, and (3)
    potential updates to ensure Tufts’ continued compliance with applicable state and federal
    laws, regulations and guidelines.
  • Make recommendations that promote the mission of the task force with respect to: (1) education, outreach and mental health promotion, (2) services and resources, and (3) policies and practices.