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April 20, 2023

Dear members of the Tufts community,

Last night, a despicable incident occurred at an event hosted by the university. Racist comments were posted on a virtual platform broadcasting an in-person event. The university condemns this incident and reiterates that such hateful disruptions will not be tolerated at Tufts. These actions will not discourage us from our work to further the cause of racial justice.

This intrusion took place during a Solomont Speaker Series event hosted by the Tisch College of Civic Life featuring rapper and activist Dee-1. The event focused on the power and potential of hip-hop as a force for social justice, education and community engagement.

Racist messages appeared on a screen in the room as our guest, Dee-1, was presenting and speaking. The virtual platform and in-room technology were temporarily disabled in response, as organizers attempted to address the incident. However, we know that participants did see the disturbing messages, and we acknowledge and apologize for the harm and upset caused. This intrusion is especially distressing because it runs counter to the mission of Tisch College, which seeks to promote civic engagement, learning, and public discourse, and to bring people together.

We thank Dee-1 for visiting our university, for engaging in an inspiring discussion, and for his grace and leadership in dealing with the circumstances. He powerfully moved the conversation forward, encouraging participants to stay in the work and in the moment.

We are investigating all available information in an attempt to discover who is responsible. If we are able to identify who is responsible, we will pursue the severest penalties available to us as a university under the law.

Let us reiterate that Tufts is committed to being an anti-racist institution, and we will not let this hateful action deter us. We must stand together in difficult times and continue our fight to eradicate racism from our community. We will never stop working to make our university a more just and equitable place, and we are grateful for your engagement in this shared effort.


Anthony P. Monaco
President, Tufts University

Dayna Cunningham
Pierre and Pamela Omidyar Dean
Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life