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On February 21, two student groups, Tufts Friends of Israel and J Street U Tufts, hosted an event featuring a dialogue between an Israeli and a Palestinian about their shared experience living in the West Bank. The disruption of the event and the offensive language directed toward the Jewish and Palestinian guest speakers are absolutely unacceptable and a violation of our community standards. Tufts University police and other relevant offices at the university are investigating and we will hold accountable any members of our community who are found to be responsible. Fostering constructive dialogues about difficult topics like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at the core of our mission as a university and we’re proud of the many students from different backgrounds and perspectives who worked together to create yesterday’s event. We will not tolerate any behavior that undermines our campus as a safe space for students to learn and share different perspectives. The incident is especially disappointing given the many steps that the university and its community members have taken to address antisemitism on campus, part of an alarming trend of increasing antisemitism nationally. Incidents like last night’s will not deter us from our work to improve the quality of Jewish life at Tufts and combat campus antisemitism in its various forms.