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January 6, 2021

Dear members of the Tufts community,

What we witnessed this afternoon in Washington, D.C., and at the United States Capitol, will not—and should not—fade from our memories for a long time. The members of the United States Congress convened to count the Electoral College votes, as certified by each state, of the 2020 presidential election.

What followed shortly after the count commenced went against everything that our Democracy, our rule of law, and our own values at Tufts represent in every possible way. The images of an armed and unruly mob breaking into, and creating havoc, within one of our Nation’s most cherished symbols of Democracy will be seared forever in our consciousness. This was an attack on our Republic that has seen few parallels in the history of our country.

Public service is the lifeblood of our university. Truth is one of our fundamental values. And peace is our hallmark. We know that resorting to violence is not the answer. Incidents like today’s should give, and must give, our community greater resolve to stay true to our ideals, our values, and our duties as responsible citizens of our country and the world.

For over 165 years, Tufts has sent graduates into the world to help protect our freedoms, preserve the rule of law, and defend our way of life. Today’s events should make our commitment to these values even stronger. It should inspire us all that regardless of the despicable actions of the mob, our duly elected representatives have gathered once again this evening, on Capitol Hill in Washington, to do the hard work of preserving our Democracy without giving in to fear or violence. Our Tufts family must come together to recommit ourselves to public service and to keeping the light of truth, justice, and peace shining brightly on our own Hill, and within our communities.

Best wishes,

Tony Monaco