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December 7, 2012

Earlier this week, the Committee on Student Life released its unanimous decision on the appeal of the Tufts Christian Fellowship (TCF) of the decision by the TCU Judiciary to derecognize TCF. The Committee also outlined a new process that will require religious groups that choose to have criteria for leadership positions within their organizations to clearly define and justify those criteria to reflect the group’s particular religious doctrine. In coming to its decision, the Committee was faced with complex as well as deeply felt issues. These issues are not unique to Tufts: Universities and colleges around the country have found it challenging to determine how best to answer these questions for their own campus communities.

I believe that the Committee has made a thoughtful decision that is in keeping with Tufts’ commitment to a diverse and welcoming campus community and to a vibrant spiritual life on campus. The policy and process developed by the Committee will enable Tufts to respect the important principles of both nondiscrimination and regard for religious beliefs. I recognize that not all will agree with the specific approach the Committee has adopted, but I hope that as our university community continues to discuss these issues, it will do so with respect for the differing opinions of all involved.