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April 10, 2015

Dear Tufts Students,

Later today, you will be receiving the Tufts Attitudes About Sexual Conduct Survey (TASCS) in your email. This is our first university-wide survey designed specifically to collect information about students’ perceptions, attitudes and opinions about social behavior related to sexual misconduct and sexual assault at Tufts. The goal is to use the survey results to identify and resolve concerns about climate, culture and other aspects of campus life that contribute to sexual misconduct; to provide improved resources and support to students; and to enhance our response and prevention efforts around sexual misconduct for the safety of our entire community. I hope you will take the time to participate in the survey.

The survey was developed by members of the Task Force on Sexual Misconduct Prevention, including students, staff and faculty, as well as survey experts from Tufts’ Office of Institutional Research and Evaluation. This collaborative effort developed questions unique to the Tufts community and adopted questions from other school surveys.

All undergraduate, graduate and professional students will receive a link to the survey via their Tufts email address. This link is not associated with any information that could identify the recipient, nor can a student’s identity be traced through the survey link. The survey is intended to provide students with an opportunity to provide information anonymously. Your participation in the survey is entirely voluntary, although I encourage all of you to complete it. The survey will be open for your responses until May 1, 2015.

Most students will be able to fill out the survey in 10-15 minutes. You may take a break from responding and return to the survey at any time. You may also skip questions. Some of the survey questions may be triggering or cause emotional responses due to explicit language, including names of body parts and specific behaviors. This survey also asks about sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence that might be upsetting. While such questions may be difficult, they can play an important role in helping us understand critical campus issues. Many of these questions have been used in other climate surveys. A summary of resources available to students is listed below and will also be provided in the survey.

You may learn more about the TASC Survey by following the link to an FAQ at Thank you in advance for your support of the survey. Tufts looks forward to receiving your input, which will help enhance our efforts to prevent and address sexual misconduct.

Best wishes,

Tony Monaco

Reporting Resources

If you would like to talk to someone at any time about questions or concerns relating to sex discrimination, sexual harassment, stalking, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, domestic/relationship violence, or any other sexual misconduct, you may contact one of the following 24-hour resources:

Confidential – Boston Area Rape Crisis Center 24-hour hotline: 1-800-841-8371
Confidential – Tufts University Counseling & Mental Health Service: 617-627-3360
Confidential – Tufts University Health Service: 617-627-3350
Confidential – Counselor – on-call reachable through TUPD 24/7: 617-627-3030

To report sexual misconduct at Tufts: – provides options for anonymous reporting.

Office of Equal Opportunity
Jill Zellmer, Director and Title IX/504 Coordinator
196 Boston Ave., Medford, MA 02155, 617-627-3298

Tufts University Police Department
Medford/Somerville: 617-627-6911 (emergency);
617-627-3030 (non-emergency)

Boston: 617-636-6911 (emergency);
617-636-6610 (non-emergency)

Grafton: 508-839-5303 (emergency);
508-887-4900 (non-emergency)

Nandi Bynoe, Sexual Misconduct Resource Specialist, phone/e-mail:, 617-627-3158

Sexual Misconduct Resources Website: