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January 22, 2014

Dear Members of the Tufts Community:

Over the last six years, the Tufts Distinction Awards have honored almost 90 individuals and teams from among our staff and faculty for their exceptional contributions to Tufts. In the process, this unique awards program has become a valued university tradition. I hope that you will help us carry on that tradition of recognition and celebration by submitting nominations for the 2014 Tufts Distinction Awards. Nominations are open now.

The Distinction Awards, sponsored by the President’s Office and Human Resources, celebrate outstanding staff and faculty accomplishments outside of teaching and research. Offering a special opportunity to recognize and encourage teamwork, innovation, and excellent customer service, they complement the recognition programs in place in many academic and administrative areas.

We welcome nominations from all parts of the university and from across the full range of our activities and administration apart from teaching and research. Any Tufts employee who qualifies for benefits is eligible to win a Distinction Award.

Distinction Awards can go to either individuals or teams. Team nominees may comprise either individuals who work together on a daily basis in a single area or unit, or individuals from different areas who have worked together on a specific long-term or short-term project.

Any member of the university community may submit a nomination. Full details, an online nomination form, and tips on how to write a winning submission are available on the program website, Tufts Distinction Awards. Nomination forms are also available from the Human Resources offices on all three campuses. This year’s nomination deadline is Monday, March 3, 2014.

This year’s winners will once again be chosen by a selection committee of staff and faculty from across the university. I am grateful to the members of the selection committee for this service to their colleagues.

Helping to present the Distinction Awards is a highlight of each year for me. I hope you will mark your calendars for this year’s ceremony, which will take place on the Medford/Somerville campus on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, at 10:00am. You can help make sure we have another great ceremony this year by submitting a nomination for the 2014 Distinction Awards between now and March 3.

Best wishes,

Tony Monaco