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September 14, 2012

Dear Tufts Students,

This semester’s election season provides us a unique opportunity as a university community. Civic engagement is fundamental to the culture of Tufts. And while every day offers opportunities to act on our sense of social responsibility, few occasions match an American national election in offering so many of us the chance to demonstrate our collective commitment to active citizenship.

In this spirit, I hope that all of you who are eligible will register to vote. Wednesday, October 17 is the last day to register in Massachusetts. For information on how to register, registration deadlines for other states, where to vote, and contact information for student groups including Tufts Democrats, Tufts Republicans, and the non-partisan Institute for Political Citizenship, I encourage you to visit the Tisch College voting portal.

Also, whether or not you are eligible to vote, I hope you will join us at 6:30pm on the evening of Tuesday, October 16, in Cohen Auditorium on the Medford/Somerville campus for Engage the Debate, a special forum moderated by Provost Harris where we can discuss the issues in the 2012 Presidential election with Tufts professors of politics and public policy, and then watch the town-hall style presidential debate together with commentary from the experts. Full program information will be available on the Provost’s website.

We should never take the right to vote for granted, and I hope that each of you will contribute your voice to this important conversation regardless of voter eligibility. Every election is unique, and every election is important. The stakes are especially high for you personally as future leaders from across the country and around the world.

Most of you will experience just one American presidential election during your time at Tufts. And this is my first national election as a Jumbo and a registered Medford voter. Together, we can make this an election season to remember! So remember: Visit for more information on voting, and plan to be in Cohen Auditorium on October 16 for Engage the Debate.

Best wishes,

Tony Monaco